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Cook Staff Cabin Cabin 15 Cabin 14 Cabin 13 Cabin 12 Cabin 11 Cabin 10 Cabin 9 Cabin 8 Cabin 7 Cabin 6 Cabin 5 Cabin 4 Cabin 3 Cabin 2 Cabin 1 Cabin J Cabin B Cabin D Cabin H Cabin X Cabin Y Rifle Range Pinewood Bike Shed Oakwood Cedarwood Birchwood Maplewood Caretaker's Cabin Candle Shop Radio Station Arts & Crafts Campfire Archery Infirmary Alumni Hall Shower House Main Lodge Main Office Fox Hole Camp Store Trampolines Basketball Court CIT Cabin Siegel Park L-Hop Recreation Hall Beach House Waterfront Upper Athletic Field Lower Athletic Field Tennis Happy Camper Hall