Summer Camp Blog

Day is Done

Jun 22, 2021 by Camp Director

Hello Agawak Families,

We are beyond excited to have Agawak full again with smiles, cheers and happy campers. The massive cheers as the buses arrived could be heard across Blue Lake. The temperatures were a bit lower but spirits were well above average on our first day of our 100th summer! Counselors were happy to finally see the faces attached to the names they have made signs and job charts for. Campers eyes lit up at the sight of camp friends they haven’t seen for two years. Camp was meant for laughter, people, activity and noise which came alive again with the arrival of our campers.

Day one was filled with physicals, unpacking, tours and learning lots of new names. Ducky made a scrumptious dinner of spaghetti with meatballs (on the side) and garlic bread. Tuesday morning was our first round of PCR testing. Campers were pros which made it all run smoothly. After testing, we ate our camp favorite: bacon, eggs, and bagels! Our art director, Cloe, led an awesome activity of tie-dye with our campers. Campers had so much fun picking colors of the rainbow for their tank tops. Tomorrow, we can't wait to rinse them out and see the final product! After a busy morning of tie-dye, the campers took on Blue Lake!  Smiles and laughter filled Blue Lake as tubes zoomed across the choppy water. After an energetic afternoon on the lake, Ducky had a delicious meal waiting for us. Ducky served pasta, grilled chicken, broccoli, and breadsticks. Of course, there were yummy homemade M&M cookies for dessert! 

Excitement ran through the camp as we kicked off our beloved color war program, Blue & White. New campers waited anxiously to join their new team. Our Blue & White commissioners, Isabelle Anderson, Halle Abrams, and Emily Williams led an awesome night of Blue and White. After teams were revealed, campers scrambled down to the waterfront by division to see who this summers' color war captains would be. One set of captains from the super CITs and the CITs were picked for each team. The seniors lined the swim area in pontoon boats while the intermediates and juniors lined the sand and beachfront. Mighty cheers filled the waterfront as the sun was setting on beautiful Blue Lake. As the countdown reached zero, our color war team captains were chosen. For the W team our captains are Lucy Paull and Devon Stern. For the B team our captains are Ally Linn and Hadyn Revell. These wonderful super CITs and CITs led an amazing team meeting teaching color war cheers and sharing the tradition of Blue & White. The sisterhood of Blue & White runs DEEP after 100 years!

As the stars came out, we reflect on the year we've had. Standing on the tennis courts, looking up at the stars, you feel the calmness and magic Camp Agawak brings. We're finally home. We're finally together! Towards the end of the night, Mary was walking around camp saying goodnight to cabins. As she passed a large group of girls, she overheard one of them say, "Gosh I love this place". We cannot wait for the happiness, growth, and friendship this summer will bring. As our old 1941 Ford truck keeps on trucking, so do we. Here's to 100 outstanding summers! This one will go down in history as the BEST!

Day is done!