What is Camp Agawak’s mission?

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and nurturing camp environment in which campers acquire lifelong skills, a strong sense of self and are enrichment through their camp experience.

What to expect when your camper returns home? 

When your camper returns home, she will surprise you. You will see a more confident and independent young lady. Parents have notice their daughter makes her bed, help with household chores without asking,  and appreciate the extra things moms and dads do for them just to name a few. Campers will be able to advocate for themselves and find a way to respectfully speak their mind. They will talk about friends made and conflicts resolved. Our goal is that your camper returns home feeling a sense of accomplishment and joy and wanting to return each year.

What are Camp Agawak’s facilities like?

Agawak is situated on 200 private acres in the beautiful north woods of Wisconsin. Most of the buildings are original with minor upgrades made over the years. Campers live in 26 rustic wooden cabins.  Each cabins has bunk beds, ceiling fans, heat and electricity. Cabins are a short walk away from three centrally located shower houses.  All shower houses have private showers and toilets.  Camper cabins have individual bathrooms with sinks and toilets.  Several cabins which house our older campers have their own showers.

Many camp activities take place in Happy Camper Hall, The Lodge, Alumni Hall as well as our Rec. Hall. These buildings accommodate large numbers of campers for indoor camp events. Agawak is located on breathtaking Blue Lake, a private 450 acre lake with no public access. You will find our facilities and equipment are beautiful and well maintained. Please take the virtual tour on our website which will give you insight into some of our well kept facilities.

Does camp offer tours?

Yes, we offer tours of our facility. Please call the camp office at 715-356-5383 to schedule your Agawak tour. Coming to see the camp while it’s in session is a way to see camp in action.  If you are not able to visit , you can click here to take the virtual tour (use your browsers BACK button to return to this page) and visit several areas in camp.  The tour highlight several areas in camp.  However, there is much more to see!

How do you know if you’re ready for sleep away camp?

There are many factors to consider when determining whether or not your daughter is ready. It is crucial that your daughter’s first overnight camping experience is a positive one, so that a solid foundation is laid and a love of camping is instilled. Camp Agawak prides itself in working with first time campers.

A few questions to consider are:

  1. Does your daughter sleep out with ease?
  2. Has your daughter expressed any desire to attend overnight camp?
  3. How does your daughter adapt to new situations without parents?
  4. Is your daughter fairly independent or dependent for her age?
  5. Are the parents emotionally ready for their daughter to be away?
  6. Does your daughter have siblings at camp?

How old are our campers?

Our campers range in age from first through tenth grade, and are usually between 7-16 years old. They live in cabins according to grade completed assuring cabin mates will be approximately the same age. For special programming campers are divided into three age groups: Juniors (1st-4th grade), Intermediates (5th-7th) and Seniors (8th-10th grade).

What is the camper/staff ratio?

Our 3:1 camper/counselor ratio insures that campers receive the attention and support they need to grow with confidence.

What is our food like?

We serve well balanced, nutritional meals in our main dining lodge where campers eat “family style” with their cabin mates and counselors. Along with the main entrée at breakfast, there is always fresh fruit, yogurt and cold cereal available. During lunch and dinner we serve a main entree, side dishes and a full salad bar is available as well as fresh fruit.  In addition there is a separate area with a peanut butter and jelly station. Throughout the day we open up our “snack shack” for campers to refuel themselves.

Can I request to have my friends in my cabin?

Campers may make a friend request on their cabin request form which is mailed out every spring. We work extremely hard to make sure your request is granted but there are no guarantees. Final cabin assignments are at the sole discretion of the directors.

Can campers call home?

The research out there and our own experience has shown that communication with home produces more homesickness. It is in the campers best interest not to talk with family and friends via phone or internet because it encourages homesickness. Therefore, campers are not allowed to use phones while at camp unless it’s their birthday.

How do campers communicate with friends and family while at camp?

Traditional letter writing is still the best form of communication while at camp. Campers are required to write home during letter writing day twice per week.

Can campers receive packages at camp?

We certainly do not want campers keeping track of who receives the most packages in their bunk.  Therefore, Agawak has a no package policy to encourage a non-competitive cabin environment. Please be advised that packages sent to camp will not be given out and will be returned to sender.

Are visitors allowed at camp?

Campers are not allowed to have visitors while at camp. Visitors disrupt a camper’s adjustment to camp and are a distraction to our daily program. Visitors typically produce homesickness in a camper.

What if my daughter gets homesick while at camp?

Almost all campers experience some feelings of homesickness when away at camp. Our staff works hard at keeping the campers busy with fun camp activities to avoid homesickness. You can help prepare your child for camp by: talking to your child about camp and what it will be like; sending with them a favorite stuffed animal, picture, or blanket from home; reminding your child that you have confidence that she will have fun and make friends away from home; and asking her to write you a letter while they are at camp (stick some pre-addressed, stamped envelopes in her bag). Also, if you send out a letter right before camp starts, your child can have mail waiting for her when she arrives at camp.

Will someone contact me if my daughter is having difficulty adjusting to camp life?

Please remember it takes several days for a camper to adjust to camp life especially if it’s their first overnight experience. We will be in touch with any parents whose daughter is experiencing a high degree of homesickness that continues to last.

What happens if a camper gets sick or takes medication?

Agawak has four nurses on staff that carefully monitor and oversee the health of camp at all times. All prescription medication is kept securely in our infirmary and given out at designated times by our nurses.  If needed, campers receive over the counter medications there and nurses provide general health care. We are blessed to be within 5 miles of the Howard Young Emergency Center, Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health Care.

How are activities handled?

Campers in all programs, except for Rookie 1, are allowed to choose their own activities. We put together an activity schedule for our Rookie 1 campers of as many Agawak activities as possible. Our activity days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with three activity periods in the morning and three more in the afternoon.  Activity sign up is once per week. Almost all activities are open to all age groups and abilities. We do require a quick swim test before allowing any swimmer into the deep end of our swim area. Rookie 1 campers are exempt because they are here for a short time and are with their counselors for all activities including open swim.  If the camper does not pass or wants to opt out of the test, they will be placed into swim instruction for at least one week. This does not prohibit them from other water activities as they all require floatation devices be worn. Riflery is not offered to first and second graders. Campers in first through fourth grade do not participate in our downtown Minocqua parade as it is lengthy. They do have the option of doing the Fourth of July parade dance that is performed for the rest of the camp on grounds. Campers are encourage to take at least one water activity per sign up.

My daughter will have her birthday at camp. How will she celebrate her special day?

If your child has a birthday during the summer, we will make sure that it is a wonderful and memorable occasion. She will receive a lot of birthday attention from the whole camp, including a unique birthday present from Camp Agawak presented at morning flagpole and a personalized birthday cake. If you would like to send party favors, please call our camp office, and we will give you the number of campers and staff in your child's bunk. With our package policy, birthday packages should be sent directly to our office to be held until your child's birthday. In addition, we can supply a pizza party in the evening for your daughter's cabin. Her SMA account will be billed $100, and we will cover any additional costs. You will also be able to wish your daughter a happy birthday over the telephone. Please just call the office in advance to set up a time so that we can have your daughter in the office and ready to receive her birthday phone call.

Do new campers have to attend the New Camper Orientation?

It is not required, but we offer this opportunity to help answer many questions of Parents and Campers. Usually the New Camper Orientation is held in March or April.

Can you tell me a little bit about what to expect at the buses when my daughter leaves for camp?

For parents with campers that will take the bus from the Chicago area, check in will begin at 8:00AM at the designated bus site. The buses will depart promptly at 8:30AM from a Northside location. For campers from Milwaukee the buses will depart at approximately 10:10AM. Please do NOT bring pets to the bus drop off and pick up. When your child checks in, she will be assigned a bus based on her age group. We will do our best to accommodate seating requests, but make no promises that all will be granted.

You should send your daughter with a light lunch, snacks, and a drink for the bus ride up, which will enable the bus to go straight through. The buses are air- conditioned, have restrooms on board, and if videos are available then an age- appropriate movie will be shown.

When will I get the forms for camp?

ALL forms are on-line.  Most can be completed on-line and a few must be uploaded back into our camp database, CampMinder.  Pre-camp packets are sent out early in the new year and forms are usually available on-line around the same time (sometimes earlier). This packet contains lots of great information regarding your daughters stay at camp.  We recommend keeping it throughout her time with us.  Don't forget to schedule a physical for your daughter. Forms are due for all sessions by May 1.

I haven't received my billing yet, should I be concerned?

You can always access your current invoice by logging into your campminder account.  Billing for camp is as follows: 1st deposit is due with the application. The remaining balance is due March 1st.

What is the camp’s refund policy?

Deposits are refundable up until December 1st, 2023 less a $300 fee.  After December 1, 2023 there are no tuition refunds.